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"Longhorn Mesquite Works creates unique long lasting furniture that lasts forever."
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No other hardwood offers mesquite's wide range of color and grain. It varies in tone from lemon, honey, and caramel, to burgundy and from straight grain to highly figure including burled, quilted, and bird's eye.

Occasionally, mesquite wood will show evidence of mineral streaks, ingrown bark, latent bugs and bug blemishes. Defects such as bark pockets, ring shake and resin pockets are found in larger logs.

These so-called flaws often add to the character of the rustic furniture we've created from mesquite. Find out more by contacting Randy.


Unique One-of-a-Kind Mesquite Furniture is what you can find from Longhorn Mesquite Works.

The choice wood of Longhorn Mesquite Works is Mesquite as it is very stable, when it shifts, it does not buckle or split. You will have long lasting results as Mesquite wood withstands heavy weight and moisture changes.

Our Mesquite is harvested from South Texas.

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Longhorn Mesquite Works was started as a hobby back in 1998 and has evolved into our business today. We like to create unique one of a kind pieces of furniture featuring the natural beauty of mesquite wood. We only use mesquite lumber harvested in South Texas. We like to leave natural edges, knots and cracks where we can to enhance the uniqueness of each piece we create. This is why there are not two furniture pieces exactly alike

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